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About Us

About Us

Technology is predominant in our lives. Reading a book is a personal experience with each person having their own set of reading criteria.

At Writers Who Care. we believe in providing our readers not only with a great heart-to-heart book about a variety of topics. 

This site represents writers who are eager to share their work to the world. Many hope their book could make a difference in at least one life. Whether that is through pure enjo... Read more

Kenney Oldham Hayes

Kenney Hayes spent 35 years as a mortgage banking executive. She served in leadership positions for multiple nationwide banks and financial organizations focused on mortgage lending. Now in retirement, she has returned to her personal passion: writing!

As Co-founder and President of Writers Who Care, Kenney’s goal is to write about topics that many either do not know about or choose not to talk about.

She has published four non-fiction books... Read more

Beth Withers

Vice President and Co-founder

Beth Withers Banning is an author and copywriter for Christian and secular publications. She graduated from Arlington Baptist College with a degree in Biblical Studies and earned a Master of Arts degree in Management and Leadership from Liberty University.

Ms. Withers Banning served as an Executive Coordinator for over 30 years with large corporations such as Xerox, Interstate Batteries, and AT&T Wireless. She... Read more


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Linda Gray

06 December 2022

06 December


I ordered this book not only for subject content, but because it was written by Christians known to me. I gifted this to my niece whom is caring for my brother...
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Richard A. Jordan, MD, FACP, CHCOQM, CPE Col( Ret) US Army - Assistant Processor of Medicine -

Two thumbs up for "Hell No I Don't Remember, I Have Alzheimer's!" A much needed addition. This book should be required reading for all who aspire to healthcare careers. To truly understand ...

Joyce Landorf Heatherly, Owner Balcony Publishing

Not too many of us that have gone through the loss of a loved one are able to articulate and record the devastation and at the same time reach and comfort the point of pain in another’s grief ...

Dr. J. Mark Dallalio, Pastor

Having the privilege of serving as Beth’s pastor for over 24 years now has afforded me the time to observe the validity of her testimony. As I reflect back over these years, I can unreservedly ...

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