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Faith was the last one to this party of four. She became tied to Kenney, Terri, and Beth through Kenney’s mother, Louise Oldham. She had been Faith and Beth’s professor in their college years, and Terri’s Pastor’s wife and mentor to all.  Our hearts soon connected and friendships were forged as we all set out to fulfill life’s call.  Before we knew it forty years passed and our children had grown and had children.

Our mothers faded into this land of elusive memory and we became their caregivers. It was in this journey we found ourselves ensconced with one another again. Faith had walked with her mother until death. Kenney was shocked to see her mother slip into the deep abyss;  Beth and Terri felt helpless as their mother began her descent.

As we shared our lives and stories, our book was born. We penned each word with a prayer that our stories would offer hope and encouragement to those standing on the sidelines watching their loved one unravel with this mind-robbing disease.

Faith Austin

Faith spent 30 years as a pastor’s wife and 18 years as a Special Education teacher. When her husband lost his battle to cancer in 2008, God was faithful to provide her with a new ministry. Her mother’s watchful care going through dementia was revealed to be her strongest act of service yet.

Faith’s unique, witty sense of humor and wisdom is a combination that makes her not only fun to be around, but also a good writer. She has walked hand in hand with those on addiction paths, those who have lost loved ones, those who have broken relationships, and promotes through her faith and trust that all things are possible through Jesus. She has been blessed with many grandchildren and resides in the Houston, Texas area.

Beth Withers Banning

Beth is an author and speaker targeting an audience of women who have been wounded by life’s circumstances. Beth taps into her loss and victorious experiences to empower, encourage, and introduce God’s miraculous healing.
Beth’s writings are so intimate and personal, it is difficult to put them down. She spares nothing and engulfs her readers with truth and love.

Beth has been a speechwriter for major companies and worked with major organizations as an Executive Coordinator. She has traveled the world working with outreaches to the underprivileged.

She is a proud grandmother of four grandchildren children and has lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex most of her life.

Terri Green

Terri is a wife, mother, grandmother, interior designer, and businesswoman advocating the elderly’s needs through ministry and business endeavors. She pours herself into the pursuit of excellence creating a world of beauty wherever she goes.

Terri’s broad talents and passion for her work are not commonly rolled so beautifully into one package. But because of her loyalty, commitment to her family, church, and business, and her compassion in caring for the elderly is seen by the many people she encounters. Terri’s wisdom and understanding of the elder care business far exceed the everyday normal. She has lived a lifetime in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.


Kenney Hayes

Kenney has a lifetime of participating as a musician – which is her first love. Writing came along full steam when retirement began. She is an enthusiastic speaker and spent her 35-year professional career in leadership roles in the mortgage banking industry.

Her inspiration for life and giving back to her community was fostered by her Dad, who who was a faithful Baptist preacher at one church over 50 years and Professor and then President of a college over 25 years. She has worked with abused and abandoned children and has been their voice in court through a government-sponsored program. She lives near Seattle with her husband of 51 years and two spoiled Yorkshire terriers.

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