Change is Hard

Change is Hard

Writers Who Care now has a different mission.  While we are still writers who care, some of our team members have been called away to deal with other life issues.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball when you were expecting a fastball.  When it comes, it is likely to throw you off balance, like any life change. Or, it will put you on another path altogether, or expand where you are—often exceeding your expectations.

With my seven decades on this planet, I've actually learned a few things about change. My 35 years in the financial services industry, it was "change" that my strong suit. I was hired on several occasions just because of my ability to embrace change.  Yet, honestly, I still find it difficult.

At the time, I was changing the companies culture from one to another.   So I've got a little experience in the "change" department, but I am quite frequently surprised.

Changing technology which we all face every day. We all have almost become used to that. Most importantly, if you continue to be engaged in life, change is inevitable.  It may change your life's direction, a relationship, losing a loved one, or just changing jobs. Nevertheless, it is hard. Here's what I learned about change.  

Expect it.  Prepare for it.  Embrace it.  In fact, the first law of growth is change.

I'm reminded of the old bible story even children know. Plan ahead for changes.  It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

Beth and I (Kenney here speaking) will be the voice for Writers Who Care as this new year begins with high expectations.  We are devoted to a mission that is now a bit different from when we began.  But the passion for writing and joining in with other new writers has not been left behind because we learned a great deal about writing, publishing, advertising, and promoting that we are anxious to share and anxious to grow with your responses.

We change by changing our thoughts. Our thoughts are now leaning more toward writing.  Expanding into fiction novels, telling more untold stories, still writing about topics that are hard to talk about, and listening to our readers and followers about what they want to read about, talk about, or listen to.

We plan on broaching into new areas of social media that honestly, are down right scary. Live podcast, audio books, YouTube channel, and more. But of course, we can do nothing without our readers.  

You see, change is easier when you talk about it with others. That's why we hope to engage more in depth with our readers and followers. We need to discover what you want.

There is not much in this world that is as consistent as change. We will love, embrace, expect, and prepare for it as this year progresses. We hope to hear from you.  Talk with us online and visit our blogs frequently.  Let us know if you're there.

We are gong to do our best at whatever else is thrown our way, we'll do our best to catch a few curve balls.

Make a change this year to reach out to those you enjoy. There's enough negative energy in the world. Let's create a positive and caring thought by acting out on your curve balls.   You may create a positive change for yourselves, and someone's life for the good.

We'll talk again soon! Thanks for reading our blog.  

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