That One Thing

That One Thing

As I started this New Year, like most people, I couldn’t help but commit to untold resolutions with gusto. Our pastor even had us write down the “one thing” that we intend on doing this year to make changes in our lives. It didn’t take me long because I knew all too well where I had failed last year. With eager anticipation, I jotted down the “one thing” and couldn’t help but think about Curley in the movie, City Slickers. He told Billy Crystal’s character that there is only “one thing” that makes life great. When Billy Crystal asked what it was, Curley said, “You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.”

I had to ask myself that question. Have I figured out that “one thing” to make my life great? I’m sure we have all considered that that “one thing” changes with time. As a child, that “one thing” was becoming a grown up so I could do anything I wanted to do. As a grown up, that “one thing” was wishing I could be a child again and escape all of the responsibilities breathing down upon me. Now that I have topped the hill and am sliding down the mountain of age, that “one thing” is more precious and certainly more tenuous.

As I contemplated that “one thing” for 2023, eternity loomed in my mind. I had to wonder, if this were my last year, what will matter in my life? What will people remember about my life? Did I make a difference in my world? Did I please my Savior and will there be people in Heaven because of my witness? Yes, I know it’s heavy. Probably too heavy for the beginning of January when most people make resolutions that will probably slip. But, it goes without saying that living out that “one thing” in our life is important and should be contemplated if not today, then tomorrow, and in upcoming days as we enter a new America.

“One thing” I would like to do this year, is share our new vision for Writers Who Care. True to our name, Writers Who Care LOVE TO WRITE and we care about YOU, our readers! Our website is replete with different books of all different subjects. To name a few, our latest book, "Hell No I Don't Remember, I Have Alzheimer's!" was written for family members experiencing the difficult issues that come with a loved one who has Alzheimer's. "I Wish I Would Have" is Kenney Hayes' transparent story of dealing with regrets after her mom died of Alzheimer's. "When Mommies Cry" is an excellent gift book for grieving mothers; and details my personal journey through losing a baby. "A Life Worth Remembering" will take you back to the days of America’s Women’s Suffrage movement in Texas. It offers a reminder of the sacrifices made and the loves lost for women to secure the right to vote. "The Bark of a Tree" gives a biographical account of Kenney's father, Dr. E.K. Oldham. "When the Glass Slipper Breaks," offers insights into dealing with broken relationships. "When Faith Fails" deals with the difficult subject of sexual abuse. "Teach Me to Pray - A Call to Prayer" provides rich insights into the subject of prayer including the questions people ask about prayer. 

These and many more books are available at If you have subjects you would like us to research or write about, please share them with us on our contact page. We would love to hear from our readers and write about subject matters interesting to you.

Also, be on the look-out for new fictional books with exciting stories that will make you laugh, bring you to your knees, and bite your nails. You don't want to miss these harrowing reads that will be available this Spring. 

As you contemplate your "one thing" this year, think about Writers Who Care and the power of the pen. Join us as we make this year the best ever! Beth Withers Banning

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