Do you remember when Iraq received their first privilege to vote? The news media was replete with purple stained fingers indicating the vote had been cast! 

What an exhilarating feeling to have voted in a democratic election for the first time since the overthrow of an Islamic State. To finally have a voice in society and the promise of it making a difference. Women who had been oppressed and persecuted finally had HOPE! Those businesses who were slaves to the Islamic State finally had HOPE! Those citizens who had been held down by the boot of Saddam Hussein was now part of the solution!

I couldn’t help but think about Iraq when I witnessed such a dismal turn-out at the polling booths last November. Many Americans have grown weary of our election process. It doesn’t seem that our votes really count. Even if our candidate gets into office, they hardly make a visible impact for the people.

The truth is a voice of “one” matters! Every individual matters and our contribution to a free society is critical. Many Iraqis were penalized for even having the nerve to vote in their first election. It became a brand of persecution among families, citizens, and yes, even the government. All eyes were on those who voted and the candidates they voted for.

But in a FREE society polity is of the people, by the people, and for the people. We must believe that, if we are going to pass down a free America to our children. Our example paves the way for the fight they will have to fight. One thing is for sure, our complacency and disregard for the privilege to vote leads to tyranny.

Join us as we cast our ballots from the local level all the way to the general election in November. Our leaders must be held accountable to the standard of freedom our forefathers intended. VOTE FOR FREEDOM!

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