Women's Suffrage

Women's Suffrage

A Life Worth Remembering!

Having never known anything different, it is worth considering the price that was paid to give women the right to vote. One of our authors, Beth Withers Banning, has written a book about her aunt during the raw beginnings of the women's suffrage movement in Texas. She has strategically mapped true and real experiences in the life of Mary Savilla Cook against the backdrop of historical accounts.

There is much that wasn't known about this brave and forward woman; but Ms. Withers Banning filled in the gaps with a historically fictional account of her life.

Writers Who Care is proud to announce that A Life Worth Remembering has been nominated for the 2022 Book of the Year. f you haven't had opportunity to read this story of love, spirit, patriotism, dedication, and tragedy, you can order it on our website.

Every life matters, especially the dedicated and hard-working lives of our Greatest Generation. While they are here, make every effort to learn the mysteries behind their life experiences and the love stories that were never told.


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